B 40 C/W


B 40 C/W

Quiet and compact with
innovative ergonomics.

Why settle for “easy to use” when operation can be made even easier as well as much safer and more convenient? With Kärcher Intelligent Key and the Easy Operation advanced operating concept, the B 40 C/W family offers a previously unheard-of level of security and protection for the operator, the machine and the work area.


1. Key function security

The KIK system offers much greater protection against operating errors. It is not possible for the operator to adjust the basic presets on the machine which were previously set by the supervisor for the cleaning job or object in question. The supervisor can also set the operator’s preferred language from one of the 16 options. The operator simply inserts the key and starts the factory programme using Easy Operation.

For even more safety, all B 40 C/W machines have a fast, easy and intuitive menu-based user interface with clear symbols and innovative features such as:

  • Suction power
  • Brush speed
  • Cleaning agent dosing system
  • Driving speed
  • Approval for users with yellow key
  • Power-off delay for turbine and brushes
  • Battery type

The B 40 C/W cannot be started without a correctly coded key, which also prevents use by others.


2. Quiet, strong and efficient

The option of slightly reducing the suction power and in turn the noise level by up to 4 dB (A) in the eco!efficiency mode, makes the B 40 C/W ideal for cleaning in noise sensitive areas. Features include a powerful battery for uninterrupted, efficient maintenance cleaning.

3. Auto-Fill

Filling the fresh water tank is fast and easy. Simply connect a hose with a standard quick-release coupling and open the tap. The water supply stops automatically when the tank is full. Nothing could be easier or more convenient.

4. Simply always clean

The B 40 C/W is the first machine with a built-in tank rinsing system. The dirty water tank can be cleaned via a nozzle system. A water hose is connected via a quick-release coupling and the drain hose of the dirty water tank is opened. In this way, the B 40 C/W supports the HACCP concept and makes it easy to comply with hygiene and health protection standards.

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